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Dr.Gopal Sharma

Shah K. S. Arts and V. M. Parekh Commerce College, Kapadwanj was established by Kapadwanj Kelavni Mandal, Kapadwanj in the year 1961, in order to impart higher education in the field of arts and commerce for the residents of Kapadwanj and nearby talukas. This college has remained as one of the premier institutions in the last 54 years, the college has contributed in the field of higher education and also catered to the needs of the society.

A meaningful and successful tradition of Shah K. S. Arts & V. M. Parekh commerce College, Kapadwanj enables this institution as the synonym of awakening, brightness and concreteness in the field of higher education in Kapadwanj taluka in particular and the region in general.

The college is situated on Kapadwanj – Dakor road, Kapadwanj, having a total campus area of 19.75 acres and the total built-up area of the college is 3846 sq. mts. Ours is a co-educational college affiliated to Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. A remarkable number of its graduates have made a mark in the walks of life like industries, business, trading, manufacturing, administration, social services, judiciary and education.

The institution has a very good reputation from the examination point of view in the Gujarat University. Not only this, but also our students have performed very well in the field of cultural activities as well as NCC,NSS ,games and sports. The students of the college find their place in the university examination merit .

Shah K. S. Arts & V. M. Parekh Commerce College has adopted its vision and mission Mantra विद्या योगेन रक्ष्यते. ( The Sanskrit Vedic mantra, which means Education should be sustained by the yoga).