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Campus Life

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The college is located in the Kapadwanj, Dakor Raod. This centrally located campus, with all its well maintained sylvan gardens and inspiring ambience is well connected by innumerable buses that touch the bus stop from all parts of the city.

The infrastructure includes:

  • Well furnished lecture halls and class rooms
  • Seminar & Examination halls
  • Requisite facilities for sports & games like volleyball, football, shuttle badminton etc
  • Digital Language Laboratory with 30 systems
  • Canteen offering hygienic water, food, chocolates, beverages, ice-creams and snacks
  • Internet Browsing/DTP center with scanner, laser printer, etc.  (blank CD’s and DVD’s are available at nominal cost in the browsing center)

We have a well equipped , psychology lab for the students of TYBA psychology to conduct practical’s as well as practical examinations. Various kinds of experiments pertaining to practical segment in TYBA syllabus. Presently it can accommodated as good as forty students at a time in addition to it, the lab is also used for research project work.

Campus Life
Dell Lab

Established in 2007 as a part of the initiative of Government of Gujarat, the Digital Education and learning Lab (DELL) has been in operation in our college since 2008. In the lab there are 25 computers (01 server and 24 clients connected by LAN). English language in taught in three levels with the help of the software named Globarena. Our is centre for various SCOPE online examinations.

Campus Life
Body of SC/ST Cell